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Ayrshire Communications offers
telephone service in Ayrshire and Gillett Grove.

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Telephone Assistance Programs.

Voice Mail Program

Monthly Rates
Local Access (Resident)
Local Access (Business)
Federal Subscriber Line Charge (Single-line)
Federal Subscriber Line Charge (Multi-line)
911 Surcharge
Access Recovery Charge (Residential & Single Line Business) $3.00
Access Recovery Charge (Multiline) $3.00
Service Charges
Service Order Charge
Subsequent Service Order Charge
Labor Charges
Per Hour
Trip Charge

Rates effective 7/1/14 and subject to change

If you would like to view a copy of Ayrshire Telephone's tariff,
send an email request or call 800-249-5251.

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Ayrshire Farmers Mutual Telephone Company
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